2013-now – MD-PhD programme (Radboud University Nijmegen – Donders Institute for brain, cognition and behaviour)

  • PhD: cerebral mechanisms underlying dopamine-resistant versus dopamine-responsive tremor in Parkinson’s disease
    • Supervisors: dr. Rick Helmich / prof. dr. Bastiaan Bloem / prof. dr. Ivan Toni
  • MD: Master of Science, Medicine (clinical rotations).

2010-2013 – Bachelor of Science, Medicine (Radboud University Nijmegen)

  • Cum laude
  • Honours Programme: extracurricular programme for excellent medical students
    • Internship abroad (USA): research on Auditory Scene Analysis at University of California, Irvine
      • Supervisors: dr. Peter Bremen / dr. Marc van Wannrooij / prof. dr. John van Opstal / prof. dr. John Middlebrooks

2004-2010 –  Pre-university education (Valuas College Venlo)

  • A-levels: Chemistry, Physics, Pure Mathematics, Biology, Dutch, English, German, Philosophy
  • Valedictorian (best graduating student)
  • Cum Laude

Professional experience

2013-2014 – IT Service Provider at Radboud University Medical Centre

2012-2013 – Research Assistant of V-Time study 

2009-2012 – Team Leader at Albert Heijn XL, Sales Department


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Grants & Prizes

2017 – Movement Disorders Society Travel Grant ($1000,-)

2015 – KNAW van Walree travel grant (€1000,-)

2015 – Radboud University PhD travel grant (€700,-)

2012 – Radboud Honours Academy Grant for scientific internship (€3300,-)

2010 – Best high school research paper (€50,-)

Other Activities

2016-2018 medical students representative

2015 – Organizer of the Donders Discussions 2015 conference for PhD candidates (Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour)

2015 – Poster presentation at Movement Disorders Conference (San Diego)

2014 – Participant of Statistical Parametric Mapping Course (University of Zurich)

2013 – Oral presentation at Auditory Language and Neuroscience meeting (Irvine, USA)